Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Amanda M...Day 259

Slept okay, been waking up really tired lately. And then I stay tired throughout the day. Not sure if I'm not getting enough quality sleep or what.

Food: clean all day. At around 2:00, the craving for chocolate REALLY hit me. We keep a bowl of candy (twix, kit kat, milky way, snickers, 100 grand, reese's) in our office upstairs. Just knowing it is there makes my life a living hell lol normally I would be snacking on it all day. It took me a half hour to convince myself not to take a piece. I ended up taking a bathroom break just to get sad is that?!

Single leg RDL: 45# bar
Hang PC 115/135/145/155...155# is my PR and it went up smooth and easy on the first try. I should have thrown the 5lb-ers back on and went for a new PR. I knew I would have gotten it! Still kicking myself over that....ugh
Push press 95/85/85/85. We started out at 95 but it was a bit heavy for 4 rounds
Tabata push ups: really Jay? RUDE!!

After the workout, I did two 500m row with a 2 min rest between. I dont like when I dont sweat during a workout, it makes me feel like I didnt do I added the rowing.

Overall, a good day. Knees are feeling better. Really happy that there are no squats today so that gives me another day off my babies.


  1. I'm diggin your numbers!!! You're def going to keep me on my game girl!! I love it!!
    I feel the same way if I'm dry after a wod. I'll try to do a little something at the box or at home.
    Rest is vital! I know its been preached by many people and sometimes I don't adhere to it. But I didnt take any Oly sessions last week (really because of money reasons) off of Oly and a couple consecutive days of CF and I came back even stronger. Rest is good!
    Finally GREAT job on holding back on the candy.

  2. If you need quality rest its a good thing that all us LuRong'ers now have a coupn for the official crossfit mattress, sleep PRs at the ying-yang..

  3. If the coupon is for $200 off then I don't even want to know how much the mattress even costs full price haha

  4. They were at regionals I think last year, just the mattress starts at about $3800. They can take their coupon and shove it!