Monday, October 15, 2012

Amanda M...Day 265

Holy balls, only 100 days left. I can't believe how fast this year has gone!

Sleep: Didn't go to bed til 11, way too late. I really wanted to wake up and run but it didn't happen. I was so tired.

Food: back to being 100% clean. Have a bit of a headache, but it will pass.

FFESS: elevated split squats...not my favorite. They feel so awkward to me

8 min amrap:
Ascending squat clean thrusters
2 pull ups

Got in almost 8 rounds. I was being careful with the squats because of my knee and it was feeling good so I am happy about that.

Then I came home and the roommate and I did a yoga session. It felt relaxing! Definitely want to get more into it.


  1. Good job Amanda, you inspired me to wake up and run this morning, I hate running (I like sprint intervals though). Silly question, do you write a separate blog for your LuRong dashboard, or just copy amd paste this?

  2. I actually don't write a blog for the lurong dashboard. I only write in things now and then to help me remember my scores, weight...stuff like that.