Monday, October 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 269, 270 & 271

Friday: I skipped the gym because, well...there was no 530 pm class and the workout wasn't interesting enough for me to want to wake up for the 530am class lol just being honest! Ate well, went to bed early since I was going to be at the garage games all day.

Saturday: Wow...the garage games are no joke!! I was exhausted, and all I did was judge!! I wasn't expecting to judge and I really didn't want to but I was needed so I stepped up. I had to judge the damn 3rd WOD. I never knew how hard it was to keep count while checking form...and while being asked by 3 of the team members how many reps their teammate had left. Listen, I'm counting up and you're asking me to subtract that in my head from the total amount, while still counting the guy doing the work...shut up and listen to me yelling! And by yelling, I mean my voice was completely shot by the end of the day.

Second rant: These people were no newbies, they knew how to do a movement and how to do it correctly. One or two slipups--thats fine. But there was one guy who I yelled at to correct his form (stand all the way the f*ck up when you're doing sholder to overhead!!!) at least 5 times...and he was also no repped by Jay AND Colin...yet he still continued to do it wrong. I felt like an ass cause Colin had to no rep him when he was watching me judge (I had completely given up on correcting him at that point)--I was ready to just disqualify the group lol I wish I had some CFMers come to me, I knew they would have been flawless

Sunday: I decided not to judge cause I need a day to myself, it's just how I operate. We went to Silverman's farm, fed some animals, got some apple raspberry pie (OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!!) and I read a book while the bf watched some football. Was a nice relaxing day!

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