Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 250something

Well its been quite a while.  First I want you girls to know how proud I am of all of you.  Just keep going!!!  All of us know how hard it's hard goddam work, day in and day out.  But you regroup, recharge and keep crushing and the end result is SOOO rewarding.  Very good job!!!  I have alot to talk about so this is probably going to be my longest entry on the blog to date.  Here goes...

My job and career had totally turned into a boat anchor during most of this year.  Wearing me down, uninteresting and just a pathetic grind.  I've been through quite alot over the last couple years and I had pretty much gotten myself to the point of being good EXCEPT for my job.  I would be miserable on the drive in everyday.  Didn't want to do it anymore...I mean bad...hated it.  My boss started giving me grief about being a few minutes late, didn't want me missing time or using personal days on "Cross training", his term for CrossFit.  It all finally came to a head last weekend when I competed at the Garage Games in Providence.  I knew my boss wasn't going to be happy with me taking another personal day for CrossFit, but it was time for me to get some Competition practice in.  Long story short his final email to me was that CrossFit became more important to me then my job...and to be perfectly honest he's right.  So I was "relieved" of my position.  THANK YOU!  I know this may sound weird or confusing or it just doesn't make sense but now I can finally start my life!!!  "It's about time".    Ok more on this another time.

The training has gotten crazy...or crazier.  How I'm progressing is definitely a process.  A process that is working that is for sure.  Jason certainly knows how to really push me to the limit.  And I have to go to the limit and beyond on most of these WODs.  Its the only way I can get better is to push harder and harder and harder and be better then yesterday.  The one thing I'm still struggling with is Muscle Ups.  Previous injuries and my heavy body weight are hindering me.  I do get better at them the more I practice but man I SUCK!  Have to talk about the Froning!  I was honored that Jason let me train with him and Rich.  Rich was a cool dude.  Told it to you straight, had some humor and he was very humble and respectful.  We actually talked college football since he's from the south and I absolutely love the south and Alabama...ROLL TIDE ROLL!  After the WOD we got on the topic of facebook but he told me not to bother with that he just gave me his personal info.  Said next time I'm down south let him know when I'm coming down and I can drop in and train with him.  HOW COOL IS THAT?!!  The WOD with Rich and Jason that day was 20 Sqaut Cleans @ 135#, 20 Pull Ups and 20 cals on the AD (20 Min AMRAP).  It was fucking awful.  A good awful but still just absolutely awful.  Just before the WOD while we were stretching we discussed the pacing and how to break up the squat cleans and Rich taught me a very valuable lesson which I implemented the following weekend at the Garage Games.  It definitely helped me get more reps.  This was also a great practice session for obvious reasons.  It was a tremendous day on many thankful for the opportunity!

Last weekend I did my second Comp of the year.  I did one back in Feburary but that was more of a Powerlifting Comp at CrossFit Relentless.  This time I went to CrossFit Providence for the Garage Games.  Ahhh old stomping ground.  I grew up about 10-15 minutes from there right over the border in Mass.  Spent alot of my late teens and early 20s in that city and loved it.  Turns out I played football with one of the owners so that was pretty awesome to catch up with him.  There were 6 WODs total and then a final WOD for the top 8 finishers.  I preformed well in 2 WODS, actually scoring better then the guy that ended up winning it.  I did average on 2 WODs.  Below average on 1 and I totally fucked up another WOD and didn't even get a score...what a mess!  I never quit though.  I knew my weekend was over after the 2nd WOD but I still needed the practice so I still tried my best until the final second of the 6th WOD.  So glad I hung in there.  Katie Steffens also competed with me and I'm sure by now you all know she finished 2nd overall in Women's RX.  She was just amazing.  Katie is one of the best female athlete's I've ever been around.  I'm so glad she goes to CFM, she's a beast and a great friend. 
Now this weekend I'm competing in the Beast of the East.  It should be awesome.  I started eating alot to pack on some extra pounds and I certainly did.  Need to be as strong as possible for this one.  Some of the best CrossFitters in the world will be there.  And the best part is I'm competing against Rob Orlando, the guy who turned me onto CrossFit almost 2 years ago.  And I haven't even told him...I'm just gonna show up and talk shit and we're gonna crack up.  This Comp is another great practice session.  I have to compete against athlete's that are better then me so I can get better.  This is why I miss Dan Leslie.  He is a good friend too but he made me a better athlete.  Dan is great and when you chase someone like that you get better.  I will catch his ass someday though! 

I want to remind everyone we're about 70% of the way through this assessment.  This is where you can create separation between finishing ok/complacent or killing it and working your ass off till the end and reaping all the benefits of your hard work.  Dan Loewenberg said in a blog post on the CFM page that "Hard work works"!  It couldn't be a more truer statement.  Good things come when you work hard...DO WORK!!!

P.S.  Maria how many HSPUs have you achieved?  Gosh it's gotta be nearly a 100 by now!  ;)


  1. Nitroooooo!!!! I absolutely love when you make a blog appearance. Always so much insight and fun stories lol

    I hate my job too...there has to be more to life than the same bullshit everyday.

    Hoping to make it out to see the Beast of the East this weekend! But we shall see. You better come back and let us know how you did!

    Glad to see you are still killing it!

  2. Hey Sexy Boy!!! Nice to hear/read from you. Its been a minute since I've seen you. I hate my job as well! And there isn't a day that goes by that I say to myself, "there has to something more to this! This can't be it!" We are meant for bigger and better things. And I don't mean it has to be about money...that's a bonus and all but it truly is about finding that "thing" that will fill that void. When it no longer feels like a job, work, or an obligation.
    I believe I will be at Beast of the East. I volunteered for the Beer Tent...look for me there!!