Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday a New Day

Early morning Wod this morning went well. I actually had a partner which was nice. I usually don't because I have the perverbial "bitch face". I guess I don't smile enough or look too serious so many of the female members don't say much to me. I woded with Sue she was AWESOME! Loved her, she was ready for anything. I had to hold back on the deadlift weight just a little for her cause I was going Donkey Kong heavy with it.

A.1 DL, 4 x 10, rest 10 seconds

 A.2 Dips, 4 x 20, rest 30 seconds
20 second holds

A.3 Hang Power clean, 4 x 3, rest 10 sec.

A.4 FLR, 4 x 60-75 sec., rest 2 minutes
B. 20 sec. row sprint - rest 1:40 x 3-4

My mood is neutral. It was nice to be around people. Still a little bothered that I don't know anyone in the a.m. class there used to be a different set of folks. It's rough getting up that early but I gotta make it happen. I believe the blend of just "regular" CF workouts and the occasional Oly session with Gary and my own skill work times at CFM will do just fine. Like Jay said "Have fun with it." And I will. It sucks when something you love to do feels like work. And we all know how we feel about work...it sucks!
Nothing to bitch about today, like I said I'm neutral today.
Till tomorrow folks!!!


  1. I love Sue, she is a great motivator, always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face! I will be there at 5:30am tomorrow and Thursday- hope to see you there, and I don't think you have a bitch face :-)

  2. People always tell me that I am extremely intimidating haha it sucks but who goes around smiling all day?! Thats just weird

    Glad you are starting to figure out what you want out of all this! Go for it!