Monday, October 1, 2012

Amanda M...Day 248, 249 & 250

The weather is getting colder...this yearlong assessment is coming quickly to an end. Only about 100 days left...anyone else kind of freaking out about it? I feel like I'm worse now than when I started lol

Weekend was nice and relaxing, didnt do much.

Decided not to order from cross cuisine. Not the meal plans, anyways. Maybe I'll order her plantain lasagna in a party platter size just to have stuff in the freezer as back up. That shit is delicious. It's really not that difficult to cook for the week. Especially when you have a crockpot. I made Chicken enchilada stew for the week, with cauliflower rice. Pretty damn excited for lunch. I miss being excited about food lol how much of a fat-ass comment is that?

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  1. Sounds Good Amanda! Good Choice on the Cross Cuisines meals. At least for now. Give cooking in advance a good try before dropping more money on something else.
    Def not a fat ass comment. In my mind the misconception is that food is bad and that we should all at some point eat dirt and air and be happy with it and be ripped like the goddesses we are. Yeah ok sound awesome but no. In my unscientific opinion food has been overproduced and we all at some point with the rest of the U.S. just over do it thus the results most of us have gotten. Its a matter of finding balance. Sometimes I'm good at that balance and sometimes I'm not. Its a work in progress.
    Remember, Food is good...good food can nourish you, good food brings family and friends together, good food feeds the soul, good food can bring back a special warm memory.

    It's amazing that the year is almost up. Of course i haven't blog as much as I should have but I've been observing and reading in the background. Am I better than I was from the start of this whole thing?? Yeah in a weird way I am. Still fighting day to day with my own shit, but yeah a different place...