Friday, October 26, 2012

Amanda M...Day 275

What a day. Work was busy and then I came home to find a wig for my costume that looked NOTHING like the picture and totally threw my idea of being Paula Deen right ou the window. I was so excited to talk about butter in a drunken stupor all of Saturday night. Thanks alot ebay! You asshole!

So after work, I was in a frenzy. I went to goodwill, the halloween super store, savers, Walmart in west haven, walmart in Milford and Joann Fabrics. Naturally, my new costume idea didn't come to me until Walmart in West Haven...which only had the brown sweatshirt that I needed and not the pants. The Walmart in Milford had the pants I needed but not the sweatshirt! Go fuckin figure!!

So yeah, yesterdays workout was AMRAP Halloween shopping. I was actually quite miserable throughout most of it was like a crossfit workout anyways haha

What idea did I come up with you ask??

Yup...I'm dressing up as a bear and walking around with pieces of toilet paper stuck to my ass. Should be a good time. AND! when the bar bathrooms run out of toilet paper like they always do, I'll be the most popular girl in the room. I see free drinks in my future....

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