Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hulk Smash!!! Tues 10/9 & Wed 10/10

Good Morning Everyone!!

Today is a sleepy day. Perfect to stay in bed with my triple x sweatpants and sweatshirt with the remote on my belly and my thumb is the only thing needed to change the channel. BUT I'm at work so I'll deal ;-)

Anyway last night as I probably mentioned briefly I went for a last minute Oly session. I didn't wod in the morning so I decided to pick things up and put them down after work. It was a great night overall. All practice work with an epic PR at the end of the night.

Snatch balance work 20 reps worked up to PR at 80#
Which doesn't seem like alot to many but huge for me. My balance was my one of my biggest problem with the snatch.
Snatch off the blocks (starting at the knees) up to kept it light worked up to 60#

Clean and Jerk work 20 reps worked up to 100# till my shoulders started to burn out on me.

THEN, THEN Valentine just wanted me to finish off the night with a front squats. He asked what my usual PR was and I told him I always fail at 135#. So we started with a 5 rep count then 4, 3,2,1. The last one being my PR resepectively. Long story short I must have gotten my second wind because he couldn't let me go. Every time he had me add more weight I smashed it. Finally he said ok, ok one more, one more. Its already 8pm I've been there for 2 and half hours and I still feel good!
155 POUNDS BOOM!! BELOW PARRALLELEAT IT!! Pushed up slow and exploded up!! I honestly think I could have gone 160 but I won't push it...yet (teehee).

So happy with my progress. Only great things to come.

This morning was just ok. It was a Cardio morning which was ok with me being that I gave my joints a beating last night. In my head I just did ok.

8 minutes on the clock
6 minute row for max meters -1232Meters
amrap - no push up burpee- 32 Total
-rest 4 minutes-
8 minutes on the clock
5 minute AD for max calories - 62 Calories
amrap double unders - I did singles 132 total (Sorry Jay I have no patience for DU's)
-rest 4 minutes-
8 minutes on the clock
5 T2B - Boooo! Knees barely to my torso
100m run
12 rounds

Overall feeling good. I will finish out the week with my a.m. wods and rest for the weekend! Hope to see some familar faces at the Beast as a spectator!!

Smooches!!  xoxoxoxoxox


  1. Yadi, good job on the PRs (plural)! Do you ever do yoke carries? It is such a great tool for sending your squats through the roof. It builds crazy strength, and also crazy confidence. If you do yoke carries with like 300# then next time you are holding 155# it won't feel like shit because your mind knows how much you can carry!

  2. AWESOME JOB YADI!!!!! So happy for you that you are on your grind!!! Very excited to hear more from you about your continued progress