Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amanda M...Day 274

Another 8 hours of sleep. Felt great all day!

Food: Clean, no more pie :-( I did, however, eat a paleo cake in a mug. It had honey in not Lurong approved. How 1 tbsp of honey is a cheat is kind of ridiculous, but whatever!

20 minutes of hell
20 thrusters @ 75#--really REALLY struggled with these. I need to stop letting my ego get in the way of stripping weight off the bar. I should have stuck with 65 or something
20 pull ups--did jumping pullups. When it's shorter reps, I usually do negatives and I'll feel it the next day. But for 20, I just knocked them out...doesnt feel affective though.
200m row--did this instead of air dyne, instead of DUs. I can do DUs but not enough for me to get winded from it. I always trip up right before it starts getting intense.

The workout was rough. It's amazing how you can completely murder a workout one day...and then get annihilated by one the next. I wanted to cry...performance was shit. But, I slept it off. Today is a new day...

Also thinking of getting programmed by Jay. I mean, full blown programming. Not just a few running workouts in the am to supplement me doing classes at night. I need him to turn me into the athlete I know that is hiding inside me somewhere because its obvious that I'm not bringing it out on my own.

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  1. Hmmm, You're powerful way stronger than I am, BUT thrusters are a bitch. BUT you could have smoked those thrusters at 75# Then again it was a 20 amrap so yeah I would have stripped the bar as well for sure. So tell that ego to go somewhere else. That ego will physically get you hurt! I have no shame stripping the bar. If my mind and body are not in it then no matter how hard I try I cannot perform the way I want to which is balls out all the way.