Thursday, October 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 261

Sleep: bed at 10, up at 5

Food: clean but minimal. Work was crazy and I had to leave early so I only had breakfast and snacks like I usually do.

Woke up to do the 530am class because I knew I wouldnt want to workout this afternoon.
21 PC @ 105#
60 cal on the AD
15 PC @ 115#
45 cal on the AD
9 PC @ 125#
200m run instead of AD just because I hate that damn thing

The power cleans were heeeeavy. Those last 9 were hell. Everyone else was finished and friggen stretching but I knew going in that would happen. Yadi and I were the only ones who attempted RX...and I have to rant: One girl said after the workout "that wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been!" and luckily the guy next to me was like "it's a totally different story if you did the prescribed weight though!" I think she was pulling like 75lbs at most. Duh, of course it wasn't that bad for you! And thanks for making me feel like shit as I am lying there in a pool of sweat, totally spent. Ugh, some people!

The 5:30 am crew is nice but I felt like a goddamn amazon in that class lol

Tomorrow is a new day! :-)

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