Friday, October 5, 2012

Maria 10/5/12

So I have not been to the gym since Tuesday.  I have been dealing with terrible insomnia all week where I wake up at exactly 3am every night and can't get back to sleep until- you guessed it-it is time to wake up.  It is totally hormonal and I go through this almost every month right before the monthly visit. Anyway, it interferes with workout schedule because on Wed, Thurs and Fri my only option to workout is 5:30am and I just could not get up for it.  Tonight at like 7:30p I got on my treadmill and did the running WOD I was supposed to do on Wednesday- it felt good to sweat again.  I need to workout for my mental health, I get so bitchy after a couple of days with no exercise!  Especially since in my new job I sit in a chair for 8 hours.  When I worked in the hospital I was constantly moving, and taking the stairs- it was a fast paced job.

Food has been good but struggling with portions as usual so not getting the results.  I am not going to make excuses; I hate excuses.

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  1. I have the same problem on occasion. And I realized for the longest time I was never in REM sleep. But I started taking this stuff that has melatonin and valarian root in it before bed. I think it's called "Snooze-in" by Vitamin Shoppe. It has really helped. Now I actually have dreams and I remember them (deep REM sleep) though some of the dreams I quickly try to forget...haha. Maria maybe give this stuff a try?