Friday, June 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 154

Hi all

Horrible day yesterday. The A/C broke at work so I was literally sitting in stagnant hot air for 10 hours. It was probably about 80 deg in my a damn sauna. And with this boot? Forget about it...I was a sweaty mess. A/C is still broken today but I brought in a fan and am wearing a tank top I normally would never wear around the people I work with lol but fuck it, I cannot work in that kind of heat.

Emailed my doctor last night asking to cancel my MRI. For some reason my insurance company wouldn't approve a catscan so they switched me to an MRI. Honestly, I dont think it is that serious at all. I can walk on my foot without pain for at least an hour, and after that it is just a dull pain. I told him I would keep the boot on for a few weeks and THEN if its not any better, I would get it tested further. I just dont see a point in spending all that money just to chance being told "hey, we didnt find anything. Just wear the boot for a few weeks" lol

Busy weekend. Not very excited. I prefer low key ones, especially after crazy work weeks. Oh well!

Back to the gym monday. Will most likely be there in the early AM just because it is less crowded.

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