Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi all..... its late and im tired... just finished up somework... but im bloggin!! whoot whoot! oh and its 9:50 and my kids are still up...oops!!! good thing its suummer!!!although they are going to hate me tomorrow when i have to wake them!!
Diret: always could be better
WOD: nearly killed me! felt so slow today but the hubby was there And said he thought it was the best he's seen me row ever so that made me feel better! Hate burpees or squat thrusters!! tomorrows is crazy too!! lots of legs!!
drink: water
stress: busy workign an event this weekend for the Garage Gam,es at the Hartford Europa expo you guys should come!! its supposed to be awesome!! CrossFit MIlford stuff and shhhh we are going to disney on Saturday and the kids dont know!!! heheheh! SO EXCITED!!!!!
after a week in disney its back to GA for 5 days...... crazy!! so little stressed but in a good way!!
keep blogging people!! make it count.... every day!!


  1. Aww, a surprise Disney trip?! I am so jealous lol

    Keep up the great work Kathy :-)

  2. What! Surprise Disney trip! Need a Nanny! Im for hire!!!