Monday, June 18, 2012

Amanda M...141, 142 & 143

Hi All,

What a gorgeous weekend that was!!! I am so happy that I quit the bakery, I would have been miserable being stuck inside on Saturday. Also, I wouldn't have been able to participate in the Gauntlet. What an amazing event that was. I had so much fun and it is so great to see what our crossfit community is capable of! I am so lucky to be a part of CFM...

Food: I did better than I normally do on weekends. I still snacked alot but it was on fruit and chips n salsa rather than take out and fast food. I did, however, end up drinking on saturday and getting a chicken sandwich at Wendy's afterwards. My body was NOT happy about it. I really didnt want to drink this weekend because I know that everytime I get the drunk munchies. I would have texted Maria but it was 3am hahah don't think she would have appreciated it!

I didnt work out on Friday because I was EXHAUSTED from last week. I've been putting in so much overtime at work, plus adding running into my workouts. Saturday I did the gauntlet...and Sunday we were supposed to go hiking but we ended up spending the day on the beach. How could you not?!

Bad news: I dont know what the fuck I did, but my foot is in SOOOOOO much pain. I NEVER admit when I am hurt, but I can barely walk at this point. It didn't start hurting until yesterday around noon so I can't pinpoint what exactly happened. All I know is that when I walk on it too much, I get excrusiating pain on the outside of my right foot. I'm thinking stress fracture.

I'm honestly holding back tears just at the thought of not being able to workout and run my 5k with my boyfriend this weekend. I can't afford this set back so early into my little contest. I don't know what I am going to do...


  1. Talk to Dr. Keith! The guy is a miracle worker!

  2. OH SHIT! Ice it, rest it, take fish oil! Good job on not doing the fast food, and I was at a diner late Sat night/Sunday morning after the party eating egg whites so I would have gotten the text!