Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maria Week 20 Day 6

Happy Saturday night!  I spent my evening in the grocery store, and doing food prep- I know it is so sad...  ANYWHO, I had a good day today, slept well, got up early and was at the gym by 7am.

6:20am PRE WOD- 1 oz chicken breast, 2 oz sweet potato, 1 tsp fish oil
20 minute amrap
10 wall balls
200 meter sandbag run @ 20#
10 push press @ 65#
20 calories on AD
4 rounds- I started out too slow.  I always get nervous when I see "20 minute AMRAP"  I am afraid I am going to crap out if  I go 100% right away.  Wall balls were unbroken, I am slow as anything when it comes to running so I was practically walking with the 20# sandbag, the first 2 rounds of PP were REALLY slow, but then I was able to blow through them during the last 2 rounds.  AD is always tough!

8:45am taught a weight class, but didn't participate much
10am- 3 oz chicken breast, 1 6oz apple
2:45p- Lean turkey burger, 1 tsp fish oil, 2 C cooked broccoli, 2 C cucumber
7pm- 4 oz salmon, 1 C cooked collard greens, 1 C cooked broccoli, 2 oz sweet potato, 1 tsp olive oil
9pm- a few slices pepperoni (I KNOW IT'S BAD), 1 C strawberries, 24 almonds
Love my WODS!  Hope we get up and running again, I miss everyone's comments, and reading about how everyone is doing.  It is so depressing!  I know we have to do this for ourselves, but I need to be held accountable!  Anyway, I hope everyone is kicking butt- I know you all have it in you....

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