Saturday, June 23, 2012

Maria Week 22 Day 6

Okay, so you know if you don't hear from me I have gotten into trouble.  I am doing better, and I started a modified cleanse today (with Dr. Jaime). moderate protein, lots of greens, olive oil okay.  More to come later, I am on my way to a 20 minute AMRAP...

6:30am- juiced green veggies
10:30am- brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, chicken breast
2pm- perch (white fish), kale, fish oil
4pm- cucumber, 2 grilled chicken wings
6pm- chicken wing, 2 oz wild salmon, broccoli

No excuse for not blogging, end of school, husband off of work, kid stuff, etc, etc, but the bottom line is I didn't make the effort.  Every once in a while I do that.  Okay, back on the blogging track

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  1. Welcome back Maria lol I know when you leave that its not for long. Stay on track, you've done so well and I know you will continue to do so!