Tuesday, June 19, 2012

James P

Hello all.....I am back!
didnt make it to CFM this morning as there was no sleep lst night, but went back Monday morning felt great. My legs are very sore from taking two weeks off.

9:00am   shake with ultra greens
12:00pm  spinich salad, grilled chicken, 1 cup black bean soup
3:00pm    Liberty Mutuals 100 year celebration. They got us some food truck. I rocked some pulled pork and 1 italian sausage no break for either.
6:00pm     grilled salmon, swiss chard w/ garlic, grilled zucchini.

Its been a rough three weeks needless to say. Still a ton a ton tests being done, but at least we are home from the hospital. I will be blogging everyday going forward. Looking forward to getting back to sme sort of normalcy.

Best to everyone.