Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello all June 4th

Sorry I was unable to meet up with the YLA group tonight. I hope every one is doing well. Just wanted to give you a quick check in.

Last Friday Gail and I picked up our first share of the season from Robert Treat Farm. We joined their share program which means every Thursday night we go pick up a crate of fresh veggies. This week was alot of greens like spinich, swiss chard, few types of lettuce. asparagus...ect ..ect.

I also have been firing up the grill with some Mahi Mahi, Salmon, some grass fed burgers and chicken. Overall diet has been been the usually. Alot of veggies and some solid meats. Gail wanted Pizza over the weekend so we had some of that, but both regretted it. We both are trying to be as much dairy free as possible as it has come up with us in some muscle testing for allergies.

Overall all is well. I am looking to get in a wod or two this week and back to a regular schedule next week. Goal for this month is to get below 200lbs. 190-195 by end of August and hopefully alot more leaner in between.

Best Wishes to you all!   And thank you for the Diaper Genie! That thing is filling up like its going out of style...everyone talks about stinky diapers.....WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT BREAST MILK

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