Monday, June 4, 2012

Amanda M...Day 131

Hi all...was there a meeting tonight? I never heard I didn't go......hope I didn't miss it.

Sleep: bed at 11, up at 630

Food: Good until dinner...I had a salad and then some leftover pizza.

WOD: OHS 4 rounds of up to 75, felt solid.
Barbell rows: 75#

Lunges with BB overhead: 55#. Wrists were KILLING me by this point, I didn't add any weight
Ring rows/L sit holds
20 DUs...starting to get really good at these!
20 air squats...unbroken. I always go below parallel on squats yet coach Migs kept telling me to go lower...ass to ankles lol

Going to bed early...can't wait! lol

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  1. We missed you at the meeting! I am down with the weight loss contest...