Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy thurdsay!!!
I can keep disney a secret any longer... talk about stress... lol!!! I did pack 4 sets of work out clothes.... well see!! i fighured if i didnt pack them then i definatley wouldnt work out at least now i gave myself a chance!
diet: ok
wod: no
 water and a juice box.... just needed something else and it was there now the pack is uneven and the girls are going to fight over the l;ast one... but it was worth it!! lol!!!
If you guys get a chance come to the Hartford Europa this weekend, actually friday and Saturday... its supposed to be cool and im selling some firebreather registrations t-shirts and these awsoem mugs!!!
I will post later about today .... felrt like i had some time so wanted to get something up here!
have a good day all!!

1 comment:

  1. Drink another to even it out! haha just kidding! Man, I remember being a kid and fighting with my sister for stuff like that. She always won!

    Hope you have an amazing trip!