Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hi all.... We are at our 6 month mark... WOW! Times flies when you arent doing what you need to do. Needless to say my expectations for where I would be at are so not even close to the reality of what is it makes me really mad at myself. I have wasted 6 months, havent taken advantage of this awesome opportunity and am really pissed at myself. My blog this week for CFM is about how actions speak louder than words,,,, how doing shows more about who you are than what you say your going to do.. so im not going to stand here and tell you oh yeah ill blog everyday and eat clean and do what i need to do..... I will either do it or i wont! The funny thing is things in the other aspects of my life are going good. I had a few weeks of like weird... depressed, just not feeling into CF... took two weeks off and felt like crap overall but that was only two weeks out of the last 6 months. We all have jobs and kids and a million other things to do and excuses we can make. I am no different than anyone else in this group.. so why cant i get my act together. I have been dealing eith some personal things, things from many moons ago that have kind of creaped back up but still... an excuse.  So any way... you can't help a person that wont help themselves right.. I am sorry that i have not been great support in this journey thus far!!!
Diet: On and off paleo
WOD: 4 times this week-- felt great to be back
Stress: schools out for the summer!!! whoohooo!!! Busy with my new job with The Garage Games. Going to Florida for the first time with the kids next week and then back to GA for a week... Florida not sure ill be woding but GA I will be, so thats a good thing!

Everyone should have made appointments with Jay for their six month pinches etc...
 Meeting tomorow night june 25 th 7:30pm at CFM and bring a Paleo snack to share!!!

6 more months.... i have  alot of work to do!!

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  1. You got this Kathy! The next 6 months will be whatever you make them so make them awesome! I wil help keep you on your game thia half. :-) whether you like it or not! Lol