Friday, June 8, 2012

Maria Week 20 Day 5

I don't know if any one is even reading this since Amanda went camping, but here it goes:
7:30am- 1 oz chicken
taught a kickboxing class but didn't really participate
10:30am- salmon, asparagus, banana, 3 frozen strawberries
12:30pm- 24 almonds
2:30pm- chicken breast, raw broccoli
4pm- a few slices of turkey pepperoni
7pm- paleo stuffed mushroom (SO GOOD!), 1 slice bacon, some sweet potato, raw almonds

Didn't really measure today, and I am not comfortable when I don't measure- that is cheating for me.

stress level low, didn't sleep at all last night, too hot, could not get comfortable.

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  1. People are reading, keep it up. I feel you on the measuring.