Monday, June 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 137

Sleep: Went to bed at 1040 ish and up at 640. Slept solid.

Food: On POINT baby!! First day of the weight loss contest and I am feeling good. Normally, I feel a bit shitty after eating so crappy and switching to strict paleo but my body welcomed that wholesome food with open arms today lol Weekdays for me are always more 'go with the flow'. It's the weekends that I have to watch out for. I just need one good weekend to set me straight.

WOD: KILLED it today.
Front squats 3.3 x 3: 95/105/115
4 rounds of:
-Muscle clean x1, hang power clean x2: 95/95/100...the muscle clean was very weird and took some getting used to
-Sled pulls: started at 135lbs, then went up to 180...still too easy so I said fuck it and went over with the boys and pulled 225 for 2 rounds. Felt much better! Also felt nice passing off the straps to one of the guys haha
-sit ups for 30 seconds: I read this wrong and did 30 reps

After that I did a nice 2 mile run. Really need to start running more often (which I WILL be doing). It really helps me cut weight and that's been one of my top goals with this whole thing.

And now I am off to bed. Gotta be up at 430 to get to work by 6. It's Monday and I'm already behind on work! Ugh!

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