Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amanda M...Day 132

Sorry I didn't blog last night Maria (since you're the only one on here with me lately!)

Sleep: Bed at 11...tried waking up at 430 to go to work early but that failed. Up at 530

Food: Off the charts...good breakfast but was traveling for work so I stopped for subway on the way back in. Chipotle for dinner. I am beefing up before the first weigh in on Monday for my weight loss contest haha cheating? Naw, just playin' the game!

WOD: 3 rounds of 800m/15T2B/pushups? Umm...go fuck yourself. After the squat fest on Monday and Tuesday, I could barely walk so I skipped. I rarely skip. VERY rarely. I would have definitely come in last on that one and that is so heartbreaking! After almost 2 years I still come in last dammit!


  1. you are so funny. Rest days are a must too..

  2. I hate skipping across the gym, skipping for 3 rounds of 800 is just nuts! bad ass

  3. Whoa, wtf? People still read this shit? lol

    My skipping skills are, sadly, 100% more impressive than my running abilities.