Monday, June 4, 2012

Amanda M...Day 129 & 130

Ohhh june, summer is quickly approaching. It's bittersweet...I enjoy the summer but I do not enjoy sweating in my sleep. I try to hold out on busting out the A/C unit for as long as possible.

Sat: I was at work by 630 am...and in zombie mode the rest of the day. Had some dunkin donuts for breakfast because the last thing I want to do at 6am on a saturday is make my own breakfast. I worked til noon and then was running around all over the place the rest of the day. Took my car in for some free maintenence (score!) and went grocery shopping for the party I was throwing that night. So needless to say, I drank ALOT sat night. I'm a dark rum n coke kinda girl...yum yum yum. Cops got called...and neighbors were complaining so it was a successful night!

Sun: Recovery day out on the beach! My roommates picked up Chipotle so we had a little picnic in the sand, followed by nursing our food babies in the sun. Pizza for dinner...yup. The weekend strikes again.

My boyfriend challenged me to a weight loss contest. GAME ON!!! He's lost 50lbs himself and wants to do a bit more so he brought it up. He thinks he's going to win...haha thats funny. If anyone wants to join in, let me know! I think it'll be fun to get more people involved...maybe set up a pool of cash for the winner. Based off weight loss percentage so it's fair! Day one starts June 11th! I am pumped...definitely needed a contest to get my ass in gear. Normally I swear off weighing myself but fuck it...sometimes it's the only way to keep me in check.

See you all tonight!!

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