Friday, June 22, 2012

Amanda M...Day 147

Hello? hello? hello? hello? hello?

In case you didn't catch on...that was my interpretation of an echo cause its fucking dead in here. It's cool, I'll just talk to myself cause, ya know, that's what I signed up for with this whole YLA thing.

Foot still hurts but I'll be back at the gym sucking it up next week whether it's ready or not. I wont be running the 5k this weekend but I'm still going for my tshirt. I didn't pay $45 for nothing. And it better be a nice fucking shirt. This is at Giants stadium. I expect big things. BIG THINGS!

It's Friday. Weekend is full of family fun...starting with pool lounging and day drinking at my cousin's house tomorrow. Then a traditional German dinner of Sauerbrauten and potato dumplings for my grandfather's birthday. Yum-o!! Sunday I'll be cheering my guy on from the sidelines. Then probably will be spending the rest of the day on the beach. It is so nice to finally have the weekends off

Food was mediocre at best yesterday. I got Rita's water ice with custard...holy balls was that good. I wish my roommate never took me there cause now I am going to want it all the time.

Until tomorrow! Peace out


  1. Wasn't it a "1/4 year long fitness assessment"? Whoops

  2. I'm still keeping track of you A-Bomb!!! See Dr. Keith for the realz yo! Peace out!

  3. HAHA very funny- have you caught on that my biggest problem is lack of consistency? I am back in Maurer- sorry I abandoned you for a while!

  4. Yay me too sorry i abandoned ship!

  5. Hey everyone!! Missed you guys :-)