Monday, June 11, 2012

Checking in...

YEAH BUDDIES!!!  Ok so now I suck at blogging...I admit it.  But I must come clean.  At the tail end of last week things just weren't going my way.  I guess I had some self pity happening.  I feel into an old habit and drank my face off both Friday and Saturday night.  Now I can't drink for shit anymore, a couple drinks and I'm wasted but somehow I was able to drink to excess and still function...totally immure and stupid...what a loser!!! I also totally disregarded my diet on Saturday and Sunday...I MEAN BAD!  Felt good at the time but now I completely regret it all and I'm definitely paying for it.  The only positive thing that came out of this debacle of a weekend was that I had plenty of fuel in the double WOD I had to do today...not really positive though.  T:here you have it!!!  Miss you all!!!


  1. I ate like an asshole all weekend...and killed today's WOD haha even went for a 2 mile run afterwards. So I understand what you mean

    Keep checking in! And get your ass back in gear buddy

  2. Today is a new day! Miss your words of wisdom on the blog, we need you!