Thursday, June 14, 2012

Amanda M...Day 140

Went to bed at like 1030, up at 430 for work

Food: Ate much better today. I packed a lot more snacks in order to keep my energy up and it did a pretty good job

Scrambled eggs with turkey
Chicken with red peppers
Protein shake
Beef Jerky
Pork with cauliflower

Looks like a lot haha but they were all smaller portions. It definitely helps to snack throughout the day so I think that is the method I will have to stick with.

Workout---lots of pushups, ring rows, sit ups, and I did 30 sec row sprints instead of running 163m/176m/173m/174m....then I went for a mile run afterwards

So as you know, I am in a weight loss competition. in an 'argument' with the bf over what I've been eating. Yes, I haven't been eating enough but he was kind of pushing me towards eating grains because they are good for energy. True, sure that works for some people. However, I am soooo sold on paleo. I am just having a problem eating enough to maintain my workout output but still be able to drop weight. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I've lost weight on paleo before, but the inches lost are always more impressive than the number loss on the scale. Being a better athlete is just as important to me as how I look. So that is my struggle with this whole thing. I have to decide what I want out of this whole thing. Of course I want to win, but what's the point of winning if you don't end up where you wanted to be? 

Also, during my run, I decided that I want to do a Go Ruck challenge like Yadi did. It would be a huge accomplishment for me. Really excited...just have to wait for the next round of them cause there's no way I'd be ready for the one next month haha 

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