Friday, June 8, 2012

Amanda 133

I dont really have anything positive to post. This week has just been shitty. I've been waking up at 430 to get into work early so that I don't have too much left over for when Monday hits. I like to start the week with a clean slate...I need to stop doing that, it's driving me nuts lol

Meals were all clean besides the marshmallows and chocolate I brought into work for a snack...and taco bell for dinner.

No workout. I won't be working out tonight either because right from work I am off to go camping for the weekend. Monday starts a weight loss challenge so my thinking was "fuck it...take the rest of the week off, relax and enjoy the time off" so that's what I am doing. Come monday, I am going H.A.M on this challenge. I'm talking straight strict big cheats--only two months, I think I can manage.

My bf seems to doubt the principles behind being paleo. He is strictly concerned about calories in vs calories out when it comes to losing weight. So, this isn't just a weight loss challenge, I must show him all that paleo entails!

So if you see more than one cheat meal or slip up in a week, don't be nice to me. Call me out and be mean to me. I won't hit you, I promise ;-)


  1. Hell yeah people still read this (besides just you and Maria), you guys are doing great. It's cool that you give insight into what your going through rather then just writing a food log. Keep it up!