Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 23 or 24??? Day 2

I am still here!!!  Actually, I have been great, just very busy and exhausted at night.  Summer time with the kids!  Things have been going really well, I have really cleaned up my food, basically eating only lean protein, green vegetables, and olive oil.  No fruit, no nuts.  I have been feeling so much better.  My only problem has been getting enough sleep.  I know my workouts would be better if I went to bed earlier! 

WOD today:
Warm Up:
Handstand Holds as long as possible
muscle up work on the harness

Deadlift rest 10 seconds: 95/95/115/115
Ring PU 2 min AMRAP rest 3 minutes 20/18/15/15

Then 25 min AMRAP:
5 TnG Power Cleans 80% 1 RM- 100#
20 sec handstand hold- this was more like 10-15 seconds
20 meter plank drag
800 meter Air Dyne

4 rounds + PC+Handstand+ 10 meter plank drag

I think Jay is trying to cripple me but I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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