Monday, July 30, 2012

Amanda M...Day 185, 186 & 187

Hi All,

Friday: Ate well, worked out as hard as I could considering how gross it was outside and how horrible the workout was. 3 rds of 400m and 20 clean & jerks....this was AWFUL! I have never felt that slow and sluggish. Hands had blisters all over them afterwards too

Sat: Had leftover chinese--steamed chicken and broc w/ brown rice. Dinner was grilled chicken, potato salad and some cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday celebration. I meant to workout on Sat but I was feeling pretty beat up from the week and had a bunch of running around to to do.

Sun: Bacon, eggs and pancakes for brunch. Dinner was a quiznos sub and leftover cupcakes.

Weekend wasn't nearly as bad as it has been lately but still not as good as it could be. I need to workout at least one of the days and try to stay away from eating out so much. No more big plans coming up, so hopefully that will be easier done than said :-) Can't wait for summer to be over already! lol

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