Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maria Week 25 day 2

Warm Up
handstand holds, 3 x AS long as possible.. goal is 1 minute
muscle work on harness
A.1  Power Clean, TnG style,, rest 20 seconds should have gone heavier
A.2  Handstand hold, accumulate 1 minute x 4, rest 3 minutes- took me about 5 min just to get 1 min
30 minute amrap
7 TnG Hex bar DL @ moderate weight- 50 lbs on the bar, I could have done 70 on the bar
800 meter row
7 dips on still bars
800 meter AD
7 T2B
Yeah, I was at the gym for like an hour and a half today.  My anxiety messes me up.  Jay doesn't tell me what weight to use, so I sit there wasting a lot of time trying to decide what I should do.  I don't want to go too heavy, and I don't want to go too light, etc, etc.  Not to mention that I am still terrified of even kicking up to the wall so I waste a lot of time getting up the guts to kick up too.  BUT I can now kick up from standing which is a huge accomplishment, and I am confident that I will be able to get at least 1 legit Rx HSPU by the end of the year.
Up until today my food has been stellar over the last couple of weeks.  I even dropped another 5 pounds.  Today there was a going away party for me at work and there was this amazing cake.  I had no intention of touching it, but by the end of the party, I caved and had some cake :-( which of course turned into a sugar fest for the rest of the day.  It is hard for me to admit it.  As I am writing I am thinking, "What's wrong with you, how could you be so weak?" So back to square one tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and my husband wants to go out.  I am putting it out there that I am eating ACAP (As Clean as possible, I stole that from Nitro) tomorrow no matter what.


  1. Life is too short to get so caught up in little weak moments. You have been doing amazing! I can't express how proud I am of you so relax, take a breath, enjoy your moment! You can have your cake and eat it too ;-)

  2. You're doing awesome! My WODs also sometimes take a while. Don't get discouraged! If you have a cheat that's fine but try to remember to immediately get back on the wagon. Don't dwell on it either, it's in the past so leave it there!