Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 165ish

Whoa, 2 blogs in one week...what what!!!  Ok so I knew I was going to eat like complete shit this whole weekend and drink my face off and oh did I ever.  Now it's all over.  Dialed in the diet today like when we first started and I'm completely done drinking or doing anything harmful to my body.  For me to get to the next level and start getting good at this I have to make the sacrifice now.  I still have so much work to do and there's a ton of room for improvement and I want to see how far I can really push I guess me being 100% committed to CrossFit started today.  Giddy up!!!  Food was good, my typically tilapia and chicken and blah blah blah.  I'm cutting back a little on protein cause I still need to drop body weight.  Shooting for 10lbs less by August 17th.  WOD:

A.  Snatch Grip OH BB walking lunge steps, 3 x 24 unbroken, rest 1 minute (95#)
B.1  Muscle up, 1-2 reps x 3, rest 30 sec. (0,0, 2 assisted)
B.2  cTB pull ups, 3 x 10, rest 30 sec.
B.3  Pull up, 3 x amrap, rest 3 minutes (13, 11, 10)
C.  Front Rack bulgarian split squat, 4 x 8/leg, 41X1, rest 1 minute bt. legs (95#)

As you can see we've turned it up a bit and my WODs are becoming more demanding, which was inevitable cause for me to get better I need to pushed hard and Jason knows it!  What's happening is just amazing...that's all I have to say about that!

I just want to remind everyone we're past the half way point.  This isn't easy...none of it.  Not the diet, not the training, not the stress, not the disappointment (sometimes).  It beats you down mentally and physically but you gotta just keep digging and moving forward.  Some of us may not have lost enough weight, don't look as good as you wanted yet, haven't reach those strength goals yet but the bottom line is you need to overcome those failures and use it as fuel to persevere.  You must believe in yourself, work hard and you will control your own destiny.  Remember, the hardest thing we have to do all day is walk through that door at CFM, everything else is a breeze.  Believe...Achieve...Succeed!!!     


  1. While your blog posts may be few and far between, they are always the most encouraging! Thanks for the motivational boost. I have recommitted to Crossfit this week as well. Let's kick some ass

  2. I agree with Maurer, you are awesome- I love your posts...