Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5th

Hello All,

Meals today consisted of protien shake in the morning. Had a busy morning at work so ate nothing until lunch where I had a spinich salad with grilled chicken. Dinner consisted of chicken sausage on the grill with squash and sweet potato.

Today was week 5 of our CSA share at Robert Treat farm. We received a few heads of lettuce, squash, napa cappage, cucubmers, zuchinni, and several other items. For those of you dont know wha tthe CSA is...well its a 20 week long summer early fall pick up. You pay a fee in the spring and just pick up every Thursday and it has different items all fresh from their farm. Its awesome!

Hope to see some of you soon. Overall all is going well. I have had a few more beers and I can feel the bad carbs bloating me. The biggest changes I made that helped me lose the weight  was becoming 95% gluten free and avoiding dairy. As I reintroduced some of these over the past weeks (had some pasta, pizza, beer, cheese all in the past month) I can feel the negative changes happening. I use having a newborn as an excuse, but in reality I don't know why I brought these things back into my life. As always it starts with the next meal. At this point in the past it would be gaining all 24 lbs back, but because of the changes I have made this time I realize its time to get back on track.



  1. Kudos to you for putting the brakes on before it is too late! One thing that I have learned is that everyone indulges, but the difference is that successful people are able to get RIGHT BACK on track instead of letting it spiral out of control.

  2. I agree with Maria!!

    Also, they sell almond cheese...sounds really weird and awful but it is damn good--I buy it at Whole foods. They have sharp cheddar, the spicey kind (forgot the name),and others I believe