Sunday, July 22, 2012

Maria Week 26 Day 7

Howdy Everybody!
Well, yesterday my AMAZING husband threw me a surprise birthday party.  My actual b-day is tomorrow, but he gave me an early gift- He is taking me on a week long cruise to Bermuda!  I hear the average weight gain in a week on a cruise is 15 pounds!!!!  I actually spoke to a women who gained 12 pounds in one week.  THAT WILL NOT BE ME!!!  I have already asked Jay if he can give me some travel WODS for the trip.  I also had a family party today- today I ate well, salmon, steak, and chicken with roasted vegetables (it was a buffet) egg.  I had a few tastes of things, and I admit yesterday I had some birthday cake.  I feel f-in DISGUSTING.  I actually do not want birthday cake tomorrow...

Have not missed a workout, today was a much needed rest day!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Cruises are really food everywhere! But they always have tons of fresh fruit and veggies :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Maria! You are doing so great keep it up! So very happy for you.