Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amanda M...Day 158

Sleep: Finally gave in and put my window A/C unit in my bedroom. Been sleeping like a teenager--I think this is the more appropriate term as babies don't sleep through the night. Who came up with that analogy??

Food: Paleo all day besides dinner. Had some shredded cheese and ranch on my salad. And perhaps a spoonful or two of nutella--not on the salad, but as a dessert I guess you could say. That shit is addicting. My roommate always buys the damn stuff. I like how commercials make it seem like its healthy. That is why Americans are obese!

WOD!!!!! Finaly!! I got back to the gym. Went easy on the front squats just because I haven't technically been cleared by the doc to workout so I didn't want to go crazy. In fact, my doctor hasn't said or told me a damn thing so F him, I'll feel it out on my own. I did the fitness workout instead of performace too...KB swings, lunges and sit ups. Man, my ass is sore lol it feels so good to be sore again. Had to remind Jay of my foot when he came over and 'yelled' at me for not putting enough weight on the bar. He was a bit concerned for me but I know my body, its all good!

No pain in my foot this morning but still wearing the boot to work just in case.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Try not to indulge too much :-)

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