Monday, July 2, 2012

James P

Sleep 12-5am

pre wod: handful raw almonds
6:30 am WOD
Post wod: shake

9:00am  Black decaf coffee
10:00am  5 chicken meatballs trader joes
12:00pm   spinich salad, bell peppers, grilled chicken breast, cocounut water
3:00pm    mixed nuts
6:00pm    homemade grilled turkey burgers, corn on the cob(i know its evil), asparagus.

Hope everyone is doing well. I got a little off track the last few weeks as we finally get into a routine with Ava.



  1. Glad to see your family is doing well! Ava is adorable!

  2. Thanks Mauer! Did I read somewhere that you broke a foot?