Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Amanda M...Day 166

The boyfriend slept over so we could go running in the morning yesterday. He is such a great support for me and an even better motivator. He can run a 7:15 mile but he was hanging back with me at 10:15 just to make sure I was doing okay. "You can run to that stop sign, let's go" :-) I'm a lucky gal!

I slept great-like a rock. Him, not so much. I think I'll have to buy him a winter hat to wear when he sleeps over lol poor guy. I tend to blast my a/c on 65 deg and somehow I still wake up in a sweat. I'm awesome to cuddle with in the winter, let's put it that way.

Food was great. Paleo all day. Only had a protein shake for dinner because I was in a rush to get to the movies. Went to see Magic Mike but it was sold out! Saw Savages instead....I highly recommend.

CG Bench: 4x4-6 reps. I got up to 100lbs, and was still able to knock out 6. Felt really strong
90 shuttle sprints- these kicked my ass but I tried my best to stay at the same pace
8 min AMRAP:
2 DL: RX @ 135#. These went up with no problem
4 Box Jumps: did the smallest box...still weary of my foot and being 3 weeks out, I was back to being scared of the 20" box
6 ring rows

Not sure how many rounds I got but I barely stopped for a break so I was happy about that. Glad to see I didn't totally lose all my strength and endurance!

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