Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Amanda M...Day 175

Stressful day. Going away for a long weekend so that will be 3 days off of work. NOT GOOD! I am already freaking out about everything I will have to catch up on when I get back. However, I so desperately need this mini-vacation. It has been non-stop at work ever since my promotion and it is really beating me down.

I'll be heading to NH tomorrow after work and will be back Monday. Usually when I go home to visit my parents, there is ALOT of eating and laying around. However, I'm hoping that since the weather will be GORGEOUS I'll be way more inclined to go out. There are plans for kayaking, hiking, and morning runs around the lake.

No workout today. I had alot to do in my room, but dont worry...I think I sweat just as much cleaning as I would have had I gone to the gym.

Food was good except for a spoonful of nutella around dinner. Container is now empty...it is bittersweet haha


  1. A-Bomb, remember to pick and choose your battles this weekend! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!