Monday, July 16, 2012

Amanda M...Day 172

Day 5 of being alone in here...that's a new record. I do not like it.

Bad day. Slept great, ate well, but the my morning really fucked with my head and totally ruined my workout.

I am in a weight loss competition and seeing that I was up .5lbs from last Monday was really rough on me today. On Friday I was at a 8lb loss, but over the weekend I gained back 8.5? I really need to stop being an asshole and get back to taking this thing seriously. Weekends are so hard for me, all I want to do is eat eat eat. I know I shouldn't pay attention to the number but its a requirement to weigh in every week.

FS: only up 5lbs on my PR for front squats bringing me to 150#. Should have tried more
BB bent over row: 75#
OH lunges: 45#...didnt do all the reps, my wrists were on fire. At this point I was just so not in the mood to be there anymore. Couldn't get out of my own head

Hoping that my mini-vacation to New Hampshire this weekend will help set me back into a good mood. Right now all I want to do is suffocate in a gallon of ice cream.

Emotions are sucky.


  1. HI They are and dont cave.... its a marathon not a sprint! you cant beat yourself up over what happens in the past... its done its oiver move on! and sorry you have been alone in here!! im back!

  2. I can understand your frustration...really I can!!! Don't be so hard on yourself. If you are going to cheat on the weekends you need to pick and choose your battles. Eat ACAP until you get to that one meal you know you're going out of control. Then just destroy and crush that meal and even have dessert too...FUCK IT!!! Then immediately put it behind you and get back on the wagon. That absolute worst thing to do is wallow in misery cause you had a cheat. That leads you down depression avenue and makes you go to comfort town and then you'll just keep throwing the diet down the drain. Cheat, enjoy it, get back on the wagon and put it behind you. You are by far doing the best and are the most dedicated to this assessment and I am so damn proud of you that you inspire ME! I am going to crush the shit out of my WOD tomorrow in your honor!!! Believe in yourself Amanda...YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

  3. Thanks you two...I REALLY needed those pep talks! Tomorrow is a new day, I will not dwell on the past; I will only focus on the future.

    Hope to see you guys in the box soon, I've missed your smiling faces :-)

  4. Okay I feel left out! My own fault. I am sorry to leave you alone, how can we help each other? I was all messed up with the tough mudder and thinking I can eat whatever because I "worked out" for 5 hours! I admit I have been forgetting about the YLA...