Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maria Tues 7/17

Tues 7/17
A. Front rack rear foot elevated split squat, 4 x 8-10/leg, 41X1, rest 1 minute bt. legs
33#/ 8reps. 33/8. 45/10. 45/10- these are pretty challenging
B. OHS, 5.5.5, rest 2 minutes, 52X1
45.50.55- yeah I know that this looks light, but have you ever held an OHS at the bottom for 2 counts???  It SUCKS
C. Pull ups - 60 AFAP... don’t go to failure
D. Reverse Hyper - 3 x 10-12, rest 45 seconds
0#/12 reps, 20#/10 reps, 25#/10 reps
E. Rope climb - 5 minute amrap... just lay down then pull yourself to standing position
w/out using legs
14 reps- harder than it looks

Let's be honest, my food has pretty much SUCKED this whole past week.  Tomorrow is my last day at Bridgeport Hospital, and there have been parties for me and temptation everywhere and I have given in.  I feel like I am surrounded by the enemy and without blogging or being honest I can't stop!  My birthday is on Monday and I don't want to feel fat and disgusting!!!!  Sleep had been awful too, it is all connected people!  I feel like I am at extremes either spot on or a total mess!  It was great to be back at the gym today....

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  1. No more excuses! Get back with it! I know you can do it :-)