Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amanda M...Day 308

Oh what a feeling...first week back at CFM after a month hiatus is taking a toll on my body. Holy shit, I haven't been this sore in forever. Had to take last night off...I was hurting bad. Every muscle that was the most sore was one of the muscles that I would have had to work last night so I thought it best to take a rest day. I spent about 30 minutes in our sauna...felt awesome. I think I will make a routine of it. How much is too much?

Food was on point until dinner...had some pasta. My roommate ate some while I was watching TV and it triggered some serious cravings. I need to get this shit under control before I start with whatever Jay has for me. I will not fail him or myself!

Shoutout to are awesome. I see great things in your future!


  1. You will not fail Jay. There is one major thing you got going right now. And simply put your hungry...really hungry for change, big change inside and out. So I know you will destroy whatever Jay throws your way.

  2. Holy crap I wish I had a sauna at my house, that would be awesome. I used to go once in a while and pay the daily rate at a gym in Seymour just because they had one there. I think you're just not supposed to go more then 30 minutes?