Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 300? WOW

Just wanted to check in quick.  Amanda you are just the greatest!  You stuck with this YLA wholeheartedly and determined I just want you to know that you truly are doing an AMAZING job!!!  So proud of you...seriously!   I hope you stick with the 5:30am class...awesome group of peeps and I'm there like 3 days a week interning with Jason at 5:30 and 6:30. 

First I want to speak about my diet.  With the holidays coming I'm sure I will eat some bad stuff but overall I'm not really throwing in the towel...ever!  I have some cheats here and there but that will all change in the short term.  My diet will be the cleanest its ever been at the 1st of the year...including ZERO alcohol until after my fate has been determined!!!  The OPEN will be upon us soon, like 3 months and I plan on making a statement.  I haven't trained my ass off since April for nothing.  The 2013 Games has been and is the goal and now it's clearly close enough to be on my radar.  The programming is hard and will continue to get harder and harder as we approach the Games.  Jason has pushed my well beyond what I thought I could handle physically and thank god cause I have become so much better at everything.  Last Saturday I absolutely crushed Muscle Ups, usually I will only get a couple.  But on that day I actually looked like I knew what I was doing and damn did it feel good.  Also, my times on my met-cons are coming down significantly.  My gymnastics are getting better and so are my Oly lifts but relatively speaking both still collectively suck compared to elite CFers.  I'm training and trying to be patient but I just feel I'm running out of time.  I need to get better, fast and efficiently...its just so crazy.  I'm not afraid to do the work to get the results, its just I feel it's taking FOREVER to get where I need to be.  These are just my own mental problems talking, I just want to be better, stronger and hold my own against high level CF athletes.  I just got to keep going!!!

Any YLA peeps that come across this post...we are in the home stretch now.  You can still half ass everything and at the end "what if" yourself to death or...and this is a big OR...dig deep and finish strong and do the best to accomplish your goals and feel good about how hard you worked and how hard you pushed to finish strong!  We (CFers) fully understand this is hard work and it takes significant motivation and determination to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.  It all boils down to one commonality...HOW BAD DO YOU FUCKING WANT IT?!!!  There will be no "what if's" in my vocabulary!!!


  1. Nitrooooo!!!

    Trust your training. We all have those 'this is taking too long...I want it NOW!' moments. Just stay on track and dont go too crazy or you'll risk injury. You've got one crazy and knowledgeable coach by your side and one hell of a group of cheerleaders too!

    I am determined to be a success in this. I want to be more than that girl who just blogged the whole time...I want something to show for it! Let's do this!

  2. Nitro LOVE YOU!! Keep doing what you're doing. You will smash it when the Open's come around again. You have the best on you side Mr. Leydon himself!

    Amanda I'm with you. Let's kill this shit!!