Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amanda M...Day 295

Thanks for snapping me back to reality anonymous! I keep getting stuck in my old brain...back when I used to think I had to do cardio for like 4 hours a day to drop weight. Thanks for reminding me that strength days are just as, if not more, important.

Eating. Thats my biggest issue. I'm a huge food a crack addict. Except I use my spoons for ice cream, cookie dough or chocolate frosting. (Don't judge me.) I've come to realize that I just cant function with 100% strict eating like the lurong challenge. If I go that long without sweets (even paleo treats made with honey, etc) that I will binge my face off if I let my guard down for even a second.

I need to figure out what works for ME and stop relying for a strict challenge to come along and save me from myself. I have ALL next week off from work (so excited!!) I think I will spend it cooking up a storm. Huge portions of a bunch of things and just stock up the freezer.

Anyway...yesterday I started a new routine. I'm trying out the 5:30am class. I'm giving it a real go this time! (went this morning as well--got to see Maria!!) Its not that horrible. The classes are a bit smaller, I can get my workout out of the way so that after a long day at work I can just go home and relax. For some reason it is always easier to wake up and get to the gym when its 30 degrees out rather than do it in the summer. I'm really weird. So, anonymous, I probably wont see you for a while if all goes well haha not that I even know who you are. So mysterious. oOOoOoOo...


  1. Awesome Amanda! I'm so happy you're going to the a.m class. Doesn't it feel great to know you got it out of the way after a long day of work?
    Also it's almost life changing when you finally realized that "something" isn't for you. It's like the light bulb turns on over your head and you realize its not the end all say all.
    You sound like you've started hitting your stride and I can't wait to see what your journey will look like now.
    P.S. where's that naked photo Anon brilliantly suggested yesterday. Soley for research and opinion of course ;-)
    Anon WHO ARE YOU!!???

  2. Yeah seriously! Who is it?! haha

    Thanks Yadi!!

  3. I wasn't trying to be mysterious, no one ever asked! I guess I was kinda hoping there was more people following the blog so I would just blend in though. I'll say hi next time I see you both, I do a morning class every once in a while.