Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amanda M...Day 288

Better day. Slept great except for waking up completely drenched in sweat...I even had the window open and there was frost outside in the morning lol not sure how I get so friggen hot.

Food: protein shake in the morning for breakfast, campbells southwest chicken chili for lunch, chicken parm with whole wheat pasta for dinner. All 'okay' besides dinner but hey...if my boyfriends mom offers to make me free food while I have no kitchen to cook for myself, I'll take whatever she is making.

WOD: First day back in over a week...had the jitters like crazy. I hate that feeling! Almost like first day of school nerves. It was a good day to come back...power cleans! lol nothing gets me back in the gym faster than those babies.

Hang power cleans, bench press, barbell rows, and AD sprint. A minute AD sprint, really?! That was just mean.

You know what else is mean? Todays workout....holy shit, I am not going to be able to walk for a week. I need to stop thinking about it or else I am going to make an excuse not to go lol

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