Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Amanda M...Day 306

So nice to speak with Anonymous (Brian) after class last night. Beyond amazed he has gone 100 days strict paleo. I wish I had that will power. Maybe I do...just not there yet. I need my sugar/chocolate or else I get extremely moody. Maybe it's a hormonal thing. Vaginas are a bitch

Anywho, last nights workout was not one of my favorites. Box jumps and I were never friends, and being out of the gym while stuffing my face with unmentionables for a month made me dislike them even more. I was on a 15" box and only managed about 5 jumps before I had to switch over to step ups. My legs were jello and I was huffing and puffing so hard....brought me back to my 260+lb days and I did not enjoy the feeling.

I will be meeting with Jay tonight to go over my goals and nutrition. I tossed and turned all night last night because it's all I could think about. Most people have a big list of goals. I have 2...

1. Fat loss (honestly, having the body I've always wanted will open the doors for me in more way than one--confidence, happiness, ability to move better, run better, pull ups, confidence to at least TRY moves that I'm too embarrassed to try and fail at)
2. Go-Ruck challenge. This is always something I've wanted to try, especially after reading about Yadi's experience!

The week days are great. The weekends...not so much. Curious to see what he will have to say about it. I hope he goes the tough love route...that always works for me. My karate teacher-whom I knew since birth and trained with for 20 years-was always hard on me. I miss it.

My big question for Jay tonight will be...programming. Should I do it? Or will I be successful on my own? Can he weight me in every week/two weeks to keep me in line?

I will let you know how it goes. In the meantime...wtf is up with tonight's workout? Weird...

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  1. Trust me, I have to stay strict because I have no willpower at all. If I go off, I guarantee i'll have 100# put back on in a month! I envy people who can do moderation, I can't.

    I've been trying to really get to like box jumps, just think of it as practice for your olympic lifts, explosive hips all day!

    Good deal on goal #1, fat loss not weight loss, fuck yea

    I'm interested in hearing how it went with Jay, hopefully he told you what you needed