Friday, November 30, 2012

Amanda M...Day 309

Yesterday was an ordinary day. Work was awful...people calling for money. Not new...but I had one bitch who really chewed my ass out. Normally, everyone is really nice and understanding. Hell, I may be the one Accounts Payable woman in the world who actually answers emails and phone calls. Its definitely not this really my life??

Workout was good. Worked out with Ellie! Been a while since we've gotten to squat together. It's always nice working out with people who are not only the same height as me but can lift the same as well. I hate working out with shorter people...I have to squat down before I even get loaded up to do a squat lol I'm used to it though!

Food yesterday was good. Had a mug cake for dinner though. I just needed some damn chocolate. Anxiously waiting to hear back from Jay...I wanna get this shit started! I know if I am given food lines to follow, I never stray. Its when I get to make decisions on my own that I really fuck myself over. My brain is stupid

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