Friday, November 23, 2012

Amanda M...Day 302 & 303

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Man, I really stuffed myself yesterday. More than once.

Thursday I ate everything in sight. It is so freeing be able not to worry about what I eat. Not beating myself up for having pie, cake and ice cream all in one sitting. But once I get to that point where my 'fat pants' are getting more and more uncomfortable and all comes crashing back. I get reminded of how miserable I used to be in comparison to how happy I was at my I just cant have my cake and eat it too...I will have to watch what I eat for the rest of my life.

Jay wants to meet up this coming week to go over my goals. I feel like I've been expressing my goals this whole year and keep falling short every time. What I need to do is find what is going to finally get my ass in to gear and to keep me there. Maybe he will have some insight

Maybe I need to do weigh ins with him. To have someone else see my progress--or lack thereof--to keep me in check.

Anyways...happy holidays lol

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