Monday, November 5, 2012

Amanda M...Day 284, 285 and 286

Still no no fridge or stove. Its really starting to get to me. There are only so many things that you can eat that doesnt need to be refrigerated...and can be cooked in a microwave. So basically, if I'm not eating out...then I am stuck eating extremely processed microwavable foods. This weeks menu? Hormell beans. That's as paleo as I can get in this situation, I'm afraid. And it fucking sucks.

Bought an omelette this morning...brocc and bacon. Paleo!.....Seven-fucking-dollars. Fuck me.

On the bright side, we found a house. We are just waiting to hear back about our background checks from the realtor. Please lord, let us be able to move in this weekend! I miss having a whole house!!! I'm going crazy!! My room is a disaster because it is the current living room and storage area. So everyone is in their all the time, and so is their shit. Kind of annoying...I dont mind a messy room--I'm a girl, clothes are usually everywhere....but this is just shit, all over the place. UGH!! Sorry, venting

Oh yeah...I WENT SKYDIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely amazing. It went by SO fast. Once we got there and checked in, we were suited up and boarding the plane within 20 minutes. They went through instructions crazy fast because they were trying to beat the weather (was starting to get really windy) Once we were in the guy just scooted my ass to the door, had me smile for the camera, counted to 3 and we were flyin!! I didnt have any time to freak out or back out so it was perfect. The free fall was about 60 seconds, with a few minutes coasting with the parachute. I cant believe I actually did it. I cant speak in front of an audience or go to a party by myself but I can jump out of an airplane. I'm weird...

I want to live. Like truly live. I guess that's what happens when you highten your senses to such an extreme. It makes you realize how boring the rest of your life is. I go to work--a job I don't love but tolerate...go to the gym, go home, eat and sleep. Then do it all over again. Where's the excitement? The waking up and not wanting to just stay in bed all day?


  1. Hang in there A-Bomb! You really are awesome...glad you enjoyed the sky diving...I'm sure you needed it!

  2. I know EXACTLY what your talking about in the last paragraph!!
    It must change, it has to!!!