Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amanda M...Day 307

So, meeting with Jay was quick. I wrote down my goals and what I eat on a normal basis. I even wrote down that on weekends I have cheat meals, drink alochol or sometimes skip meals altogether. He didn't say much...looked very serious. He intimidates the crap out of me sometimes lol

He saw my fat loss goal and that I had a goal weight. He told me that if I concentrate on fat loss as a priority, that I would lose some of my strength and get tired faster during workouts and if I was okay with that. I immediately said yes. However, as the rest of the night went on...I was rethinking that whole thing. I dont want to lose a lot of strength!

But THEN I went over to my boyfriends and talked to him about it. He said that losing as much fat as I want while trying to build muscle would take an immense amount of dedication and perfect 100% flawless nutrition. And then he asked me the right question. "Right now...without thinking...tell me if you want to get stronger or lose fat" and immediately I responded lose fat. So I guess the game plan right now is to get to my goal 'size' and then work on my strength. I know it will be easier for me to do a lot of movements without the extra 40lbs on me so we'll see how it goes...

Jay told me he'd have something for me by next week. Not sure if it will be a nutrition plan, workout plan, or both.

Workout yesterday wasn't horrible. Got up to 95lbs for the snatch triple. Felt good!


  1. Both your boyfriend and Jason are smart men, as are you Amanda! I pumped that you have found your "true" goal. Don't worry about strength or muscle building now...we'll fix all that later. I'm pulling for you A-Bomb and we BOTH know you can do it! I'm here if you need me!